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Wood Fire Chocolate Factory Mandurah

Organic bean to bar chocolate maker & premium ceremonial cacao powder
Lovingly crafted in the coastal city of Mandurah, Western Australia

About the Bean

The hero behind our products is a well sourced, organic seed from the Theobroma Cacao tree. The Greek word, Theobroma, literally translates to “food of the gods”! We source our cacao from a collective of farmers in Honduras. We are passionate about taking this raw ingredient and making nutrient rich, clean foods for our customers.


Region Copán Ruinas
Producer Cafel Coop
Variety Trinitario
Process Fermented & Dried
Altitude 800 masl


Cacao was produced in Honduras during the Mayan era, more than 2000 years ago. Here we bring you high-quality Organic Cacao steeped in Mayan heritage from Copan in Honduras.

Our Process


We receive 30kg sacks of organic cacao seeds from a collective of farmers in Copan Honduras.  Our first step is to gently roast the cacao over a wood fire. 


Once the beans are cooled they are winnowed.  This process separates the nib from the husk.  

  • The husk makes a wonderful tea.  

  • Nibs are yum and can be used in snacks and cooking.  

  • Nibs are stone ground to make our ceremonial grade cacao paste.  

  • Nibs are the hero ingredient for our chocolate bars.  


Nibs, cacao butter and  raw sugar are mixed and ground into a chocolate liquor.  Milk powder is added for milk chocolate. Our chocolate is stone ground in a mill for approximately 48 hours.


Once the chocolate liquor is sufficiently ground, the liquid is poured off and ready for tempering.  Tempering describes the process of manipulating the chocolate liquor to form type 5 crystals.  This gives stability and ‘snap’ to the chocolate bars.

Tempered chocolate is poured into moulds and allowed to set.


The chocolate is wrapped in a hand folded origami style envelope.  Each envelope is made from a flat sheet of recycled paper.  Our final touch is to secure the package with a wax seal.