Ceremonial Cacao 300g


Organic Wood Fire Roasted Ceremonial Cacao 

Organic cacao beans from Honduras. Gently roasted over wood fire and stone ground into a paste. This simple and healthy way to enjoy chocolate points back to over 2,000 years during the Mayan era.

Superfood health benefits of ceremonial cacao:

    • 40 x more antioxidants than blueberries.
    • rich in iron – carries oxygen to muscles and brain.
    • rich in magnesium – healthy heart & brain, aids in clarity and focus.
    • rich in calcium – builds and maintains strong bones.
    • contains Theobromine – dilated cardiovascular system which opens up blood vessels.
  • One Championship MMA and Muay Thai athlete, Danial Mini T Williams, uses this product as part of his health regime.